Article 1: Name


The official Club name shall be ‘Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Club’ It may also be referred to as ‘OB’s or ‘OBVMC’ but hereafter in this document is referred to as ‘the Club’. The Headquarters of this Club will be Delta, Ontario, historic Bastard Township (now Rideau Lakes). This article shall not be subject to amendment.


Article 2: Objectives


2.1. To promote the ownership and use of vintage motorcycles and to encourage the restoration and survival of motorcycles 25 years old and older through a friendly, cooperative and supportive manner. All members are encouraged to own and operate a vintage motorcycle. The primary function of the Club will be regional monthly breakfast gatherings, the annual rally in Delta and events in other areas.


2.2. To support worthy local causes when financially feasible. See Article 9: Charity.


2.3. To promote safe riding practices.


2.4. All members shall be encouraged to share and collect knowledge with other members.


2.5. To promote the common goals in a friendly manner.


Article 3: Membership and Dues


3.1: Membership is open to all vintage motorcycling enthusiasts and family. Membership is encouraged for those that do not own but do appreciate vintage bikes. Membership of vintage people is also encouraged.


3.2: Honorary Memberships

Honorary memberships may be granted by a membership vote to any member for special contributions/service to the Club. Any member who has fulfilled an executive position and has remained in good standing for at least three years will be entered onto the Club’s Roll of Honor which will be posted on the Club's website and archived in the Club's archives. Honorary members are not required to pay annual dues. Members over 75 years of age become honorary members if they have been members for 5 consecutive years.


3.3: Responsibilities and Privileges

All members in good standing have the right to vote at Club meetings FOLLOWING 1 YEAR OF MEMBERSHIP and MAY run for office FOLLOWING 2 YEARS OF MEMBERSHIP. A member in good standing is; current dues paid no infractions against the Club or improper conduct not in keeping with the Club. All members are encouraged to participate in all Club events and to attend regular Club meetings whenever possible.


Large Club Patch is a Privilege that is earned by members who are active participants in the Club after two years of membership or with significant contribution to the Club at the discretion of the President and the Executive.


3.4: Improper Conduct/Suspension/Revocation

A - Conduct or actions by any Executive considered detrimental to the Club, misuse of Club funds, misrepresentation of the Club and its objectives, not abiding by the Constitution and membership directions are grounds for a motion to examine the problem and replace the executive in question if the membership votes for this action. A member’s resolution passed by at least two thirds of the votes cast at an ‘officially called’ meeting may call to elect another member for the duration of the term. All attempts to be made to arrive at a reasonable solution before tabling this type of motion.


B - Conduct or actions by any member deemed by the Club Executive or by other Club members as being detrimental to harmony within the Club, misuse of Club funds, misrepresentation of the Club and its objectives, not abiding by the Constitution shall be subject to review by the Executive, with possible suspension or revocation of their membership. All attempts to be made to arrive at a reasonable solution before taking these types of actions.


3.5: Dues

A -Dues for each fiscal year shall be determined by a membership vote at the AGM.

B -Any dues received after September 1, will validate the membership requirement until December 31 of the following year.

C-Membership with outstanding dues in excess of 3 years will be considered as having left the Club and their membership records will be purged. If they return to the Club they return as new members.


Article 4: Officers and Elections


4.1: Elections Yearly elections of Club officers will be held at the AGM. A majority consists of 50% plus one vote using ballots.


4.2: Elected Club Officers Their responsibilities are to act as executive officers who work together to execute the will of the Club members. If an executive member is unable to fulfill his/her duties for any reason the other executives will follow the direction of the President or Vice President to appoint an interim officer and request input from the membership with regards to filling the vacant position.



- Will call and preside over meetings as well as call for adjournments.

- Will be official Club representative to the press and other public actions

- May appoint temporary officers

- Will be a signing officer of the Club chequing account.



- In the absence of the President the vice President will assume the president’s duties.

- Will assist the President in all Club duties.

- Will fulfill the Presidential duties and call for an election if the membership requests it or if the President steps down or becomes unable to act for any reason.

- Will be a signing officer for the Club financial account.



- Will maintain a record of all Club financial transactions and keep all pertinent receipts.

- Will collect and distribute Club funds.

- Will report on the Club’s financial situation at all general meetings.

- Will be a signing officer for the Club financial account

- Will present a full audited financial report at the Annual General Meeting.



- Will be the main contact for inquiries and correspondence.

- Will keep the minutes of meetings as well as read the minutes of the last meeting.

- Will be a signing officer for the Club financial account.


Appointed Officers

-Directors-may be appointed by the Executive as needed. All Director Positions added will be done to accommodate a need of the Club. All Directors have a vote on Executive decisions.


Membership Director

-Shall update and maintain all membership lists and keep members information confidential.

-Membership information shall be provided to Club Executive Members as needed but not be used for any external purpose.



-Will maintain the Club website, and will update as required.

-Will monitor Club FB activity including accepting new requests and deleting unwelcome material.


Archive Keeper Director

-Will develop and update an archive of documents and photos which can be easily accessed by Club members.

-Will keep on file all historical and press articles pertaining to the Club. Members will be encouraged to submit suitable Club information to him/her.


Regalia Director

-Keeps an up to date stock of current Regalia items

-Provides the Treasurer with an inventory annually at year end -Attends group events/meetings with Regalia available for purchase or order.


Article 5: Conduct of the Voting Process


5.1: Elections of officers will take place annually at the Annual General Meeting.


5.2: A quorum of 8 paid-up members is required and a system of show of hands will be employed. This may become written balloting at the discretion of the Club Executive. In case of a tie the president shall have the deciding vote.


5.3: Notification of time and place will be made available to all voting members one month in advance, as will the AGM agenda (on the website


Article 6: Finances


6.1: All Club finances will be recorded on one set of books. Annual Income Taxes must be filed by an independent accountant.


6.2: All Regalia sales will be direct to the consumer, at full retail prices, and all receipts will be submitted monthly to the Treasurer.


6.3: All membership monies, applications, and renewals will be submitted monthly to the Treasurer, who will forward all information to the Membership Secretary for processing.


6.4: Proceeds from all Club activities (rallies, shows etc); will be submitted to the Treasurer for deposit, in timely fashion as requested by the Club Treasure.


6.5: No monies will be dispersed without proper receipts and Executive approval.


6.6: Net proceeds from membership and regalia sales will be equitably distributed, based on membership recommendations, for charitable donation, annually at the AGM.


6.7: All expenditures over $300 will require approval of the Executive –excluding Regalia. Any expenditure less than $300 are at the discretion of the President with details provided as required.


6.8: All Club cheques will require a dual signatory procedure between the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Exceptional expenses (i.e. rally) will be pre-approved in principle, and will be presented for approval at the next meeting.


6.9: All changes to official Regalia design must be approved by Club members. Following Executive review, the regalia stock will be renewed and replenished as required. Club Regalia trailer may be accessed by members for Club activities with the approval of the Executive. Remuneration for mileage of one vehicle to move trailer will be provided with appropriate expense claim.


Article 7: Meetings


7.1: Members are encouraged to come to monthly breakfast gatherings. Locations are announced monthly via the website and FB. Executive meetings will be held throughout the year.


7.2: Voting during these meetings is valid with 5 executive members present. The president or vice president must be present. Process of the meeting shall be: a call to order, reading of the minutes (if necessary), reports by officers and or committees, old business, new business, announcements and adjournment.


7.3: Minutes (including attendance) shall be recorded by the secretary or designate.


Article: 8 Amendments


Any member may submit, in written form, suggestion(s) for amendments to the Club Constitution to the President. Amendments will be presented at the AGM, where a quorum is present. Every effort will be made to present the proposal to the entire membership before voting. A majority vote is required for passage, and enough time must have passed for all members to receive notice of the motion. This would typically be considered a month.


Article: 9: Charity


9.1: Following the AGM and after the Regalia stock has been replenished, and annual business expenses have been covered (Insurance, CMA membership etc), any funds on hand in excess of a minimum operating balance of $3500, or membership transfer, shall be donated to worthy charities.


9.2: Any charity can apply to the Club for consideration for funding.


Article 10: Dissolution


If for any reason the Club ceases to exist as a formal organization all funds shall be donated to charity to be decided by the membership. Any unsold assets will be sold off and proceeds thereof donated to charity decided by the membership.


Revised May 2, 2022