9:30 am OBVMC Breakfast - Sunday, May 26 - Royal Canadian Legion Branch 148, Renfrew, Ontario
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9:30 am OBVMC Breakfast - Sunday, June 23 - Merrickville Legion, Merrickville, Ontario
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Our History

Where it all began

Many years ago, with a desire to belong to a bike club like the one he left behind in Toronto before his move to Delta, Ontario, Ernie Olivo decided to put an ad in a local paper to see if anybody would be interested in joining a club that he was about to form. The response was impressive. The club's name was to be 'Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Club'. They formed an executive committee, with Ernie as President. Meetings were once a month in Ernie's shop and soon the group expanded. From then on the club has had an annual Rally and has enjoyed participating in many local shows and events. As a group, we are vintage motorcycle enthusiasts brought together by a passion for older machinery, who meet in old Bastard Township, Ontario. Since we, and many of our bikes, are a bit older too, the name 'Old Bastards' suits us fine. What make us different from other vintage bike clubs is our willingness to give to local, worthy charities. We are a registered non-profit group, below you will find info regarding just one of the projects towards which we donated funds. Funding has also been provided to the Gananoque Youth Centre, to S.A.I.L. (Services to Assist Independent Living, who provide services to disabled persons as well as to the elderly, allowing them to remain independent in their own homes), The Delta Horticultural Society and The Delta Mill Society, for refurbishments to their working facility in celebration of their 200th anniversary, among others. In addition, our Northern Section (NOBS) also make contributions based on their own fundraising events, such as their 50-50 draws. In 2009, their support went to organizations such as the Gatineau Memorial Hospital in Wakefield, the Arnprior Hospital, both the Cobden and Campbell's Bay food banks and they also helped out with transportation costs for a child needing a medical procedure in another province. Giving back to our communities is an important part of our mandate, whether it be by supporting local businesses or making donations to worthy causes.


Senator Bob Runciman, former MPP for the rural eastern Ontario riding of Leeds-Grenville, once told the provincial Legislature that he was proud to be a bastard. He also accused Premier Rae of being a bastard. The occasion was the 20th anniversary of the township of Bastard and South Burgess, which is named after a... bastard. Rich in Loyalist Ontario history, this is also the area that became home to that great Canadian patriot, Benedict Arnold, after the U.S. War of Independence. Because of his loyalty to the Queen, Arnold was given 1,800 acres of prime land in the Bastard township area. Many Americans, on the other hand, are taught that Arnold was one of the worst traitors in American history. To our friends south of the border, he was... a bastard. Runciman told the Legislature that residents of the Bastard township provided pins, one of which he was wearing, that said, "I'm Proud to be a Bastard." This was the first time that MPP's could remember Liberal and NDP MPP's all agreeing with something that Runciman said. Runciman went on to say that an original song had been commissioned. (To be sung by Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh! -- ed.) "Premier Rae and his family have been longtime summer residents of the township," Runciman continued. "Although I frequently disagree with many of his government's initiatives, we're proud to have him as a resident and a legitimate Bastard." There was wide agreement from both Liberal and PC MPP's on this point. Here is a link to The History of Bastard Township from whence comes our name. It's a colourful name - read the history at http://www.twprideaulakes.on.ca/heritage/bastard-ward.html.