IMPORTANT Minutes of OBVMC Executive Meeting Oct 14, 2018
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PDF copy of Minutes
Constitution cont'd

Article 6: Finances

All club finances will be recorded on one set of books.

All regalia sales will be direct to the consumer, at full retail prices, and all receipts will be submitted monthly to the Treasurer.

All membership monies, applications, and renewals will be submitted monthly to the Treasurer, who will forward all information to the Membership Secretary for processing.

Proceeds from all club activities (rallies, shows etc) will be submitted to the Treasurer for deposit, in timely fashion.

No monies will be dispersed without proper receipts and Executive approval.

Net proceeds from membership and regalia sales will be equitably distributed (pro-rata based on membership), based on membership recommendations, for charitable donation, annually at the AGM.

All proceeds from area events will be donated to designated area charities annually (as #5). ie all proceeds from events held in the northern area will be donated to northern charitable causes.


Article 6: Finances

1: Expenditures:All expenditures over $100 will require approval of the membership. All Club cheques will require a dual signatory procedure between the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Exceptional expenses (i.e. rally) will be pre-approved in principle, and will be presented for approval at the next meeting.


2: RegaliaAll changes to official regalia design must be approved by Club members. All purchases of regalia must be approved by Club members. Following Executive review, the regalia stock will be renewed and replenished in the fall annually.

Article 7: Meetings

Members are encouraged to come to monthly breakfast gatherings. Locations are announced monthly via the website. Regular meetings are to be held once a month, usually the last Saturday of the month in the home area, on the last Sundays in the northern area. Voting during these meeting is valid with a quorum present (8 paid-up members). The president or vice president must be present. Process of the meeting shall be: a call to order, reading of the minutes (if necessary), reports by officers and or committees, old business, new business, announcements and adjournment.

Minutes (including attendance) shall be recorded by the secretary or designate


Article: 8 Amendments

Any member may submit, in written form, suggestion(s) for amendments to the Club Constitution to the President. Amendments will be presented at the AGM, where a quorum is present. Every effort will be made to present the proposal to the entire membership before voting. A two-thirds majority vote is required for passage, and enough time must have passed for all members to receive notice of the motion. This would typically be considered a month.

Article 9: Charity

Following the AGM, and after the regalia stock has been replenished, and annual business expenses have been covered (Insurance, CMA membership etc), any funds on hand in excess of a minimum operating balance of $2000, shall be donated to worthy charities.

Any charity can apply to the Club for consideration for funding.

Article 10: Dissolution

If for any reason the Club ceases to exist as a formal organization all funds shall be donated to charity to be decided by the membership. Any unsold assets will be sold off and proceeds thereof donated to charity decided by the membership.

Memberships are currently available at a cost of $20 annually, and includes CMA insurance coverage at any official Old Bastards event. Also included with a membership is an Old Bastards crest - the perfect addition to your riding apparel! Contact Membership Coordinator Lincoln Pearce for more information.