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How to become a member:

You can sign up or renew your membership in one of two ways:

- Attend any of our monthly breakfast meetings (last Saturday of the month in the southern area, last Sunday of the month in the northern area...details posted on the "Events" page)

- Attend any Old Bastards rally (again, details under "Events")

**Please give us your full address, phone number, email address and make and model of your bike.  Only ONE bike can be covered under our insurance, so if you've got more than one you can either pick the one that you want listed or purchase an additional membership.**

New members will receive a welcome package with a membership card and a 4" crest, renewing members will receive confirmation that they are again renewed for the season.  Your membership fee includes an open invitation for you and any guests to attend our monthly breakfast gathering, insurance coverage at any of our Old Bastard rallies and voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting, held each January.  Members may also choose to have an @oldbastards.ca email address...further instructions are noted below.  Please note that if we are 'between orders' of membership crests, there may be a delay in receiving your welcome package...thanks in advance for your patience!

We want your feedback!

Did you have the best time ever at our rally, or have a suggestions as to how we can improve the party in future?  Meet up with an Old Bastard on the side of the road and want to let us know how it went?  Got an idea for a group ride or event?  Want to become more involved in the club in general or volunteer your expertise for something specific?

Everyone has their two cents to throw in...get in touch with us at
suggestions@oldbastards.ca and have your thoughts duly noted!  Whether it's a pat on the back for a job well done or an idea for improvement down the road, we want your input.  All messages will be read, given due consideration and discussed with the people who can affect the changes.  It goes without saying that we will respect your confidentiality, should you desire to remain anonymous.

Help us make this club the best it can be by making yourself heard!!

Members can get their Old Bastards email address (XXX@oldbastards.ca) by contacting the Membership Co-ordinator, Lincoln Pearce, who will forward your request to the appropriate person.

We need your name, address, current email if you have one, tel no. and desired OB name.  We will give you a temp password and off you go to the OB mail link below.  No personal details will be listed by us on the net, and your OB signed email can be easily forwarded to your usual address automatically if you want, as long as you provide us with that information.

To check your OB mail, go to http://sitemail5.nationprotect.net/              
If you are writing (composing) and stop for a while, there is a timeout function which can interrupt your message and you will lose it. This is a problem with Net Nation server that they're aware of, and they've indicated that it's something they hope to take care of in a future release of Sitemail.